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Name:Frederick Lyon
Birthdate:Jan 1
The 1950s have arrived. The world is changing, countries the world over are throwing off the shackles of colonialism, and Frederick Lyon, ace journalist in the imperial capital, is... working in newsreels, covering cheerful domestic matters like fecund pigs and socialite engagements for the BBC.

(He's got the manifesto for better programming with his sacred papers at home.)

He looks younger than he is (which is mid-twenties). He's smart, and aware that he didn't have access to the best schools because of his class -- a fact which rankles. He smokes constantly, drinks regularly, and reads widely. He's both naive and cynical, romantic and practical, temperamental and professional. He wants the world to be better. His clothes are too big for him, unless he's not wearing work clothes, in which case they fit better but look slightly ridiculous.

He's on the short side, dark-haired, and has gray-green eyes; his hair, like his general appearance, is usually in varying degrees of slovenly.

Freddie Lyon is from the BBC's The Hour. He and The Hour are the property of the BBC. This is a roleplaying journal for [community profile] milliways_bar. I intend no infringement and make no profit.

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